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Welcome to the website of St. Aloysius Parish, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

This website is a means of communication with parishioners and other interested persons and is designed to assist all of us in our efforts to build a strong community of Christian faith, dedicated to the Lord’s service and to the care of our brothers and sisters.

May this website lead us to walk forward together in Christ, until the day of his return in glory!

From the Pastor’s Desk

  • Encounter Jesus Dear friends: The Gospel of today tells us that the Son of Man came to seek out and save the lost. Here we have the story of Zacchaeus, the leader of the tax collectors. The person who is curious to see Jesus and encounter Him, finds himself receiving the master in his own house over […]
  • God Favours The Prayer Of The Humble In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. The story shows the way to being right with God. They both went to the privileged place to pray. Sometimes we think that God should be listening more to the good people who keep His laws rather than those who continuously break […]
  • Always Pray And Do Not Lose Heart Dear friends: Jesus reminds us today of our need to pray and not to lose heart. We all might find the biggest challenge to continue praying when we lose heart. We hear so many people telling us, I feel tempted to give up praying because we don’t get what we have been praying for. This […]
  • Increase Our Faith Dear brothers and sisters: How strong is your faith in God and how can you grow in it? Faith is not something vague or something which requires a leap of the imagination. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Faith is a response of trust and belief in what is reliable, truthful, certain, and real. […]
  • Lazarus and the Rich Man Dear friends: The parable of the rich man and Lazarus give us two contrasting life styles, one reclines at the table having a good time and the other is laying outside near the gate. Lazarus is not the focus of Jesus’ parable. The focus is the rich man, who resembles the Pharisees, and who very […]
  • You Cannot Serve Both God And Wealth Dear friends: Today, Jesus teaches us how to make the best use of our wealth. Money is not bad. It is not itself evil. When we hear the quotation “money is the root of all evil”, we need to remember that, that quote is not found in the Bible. Saint Paul actually, in his first […]
  • Children’s Liturgy Kick-off Celebration Do you have children ages 3-7? Join us for a Children’s Liturgy kick-off celebration on September 18th, after the 11am Mass in the Parish Centre. Your kids will enjoy a craft activity while we provide you with information about what the Children’s Liturgies are all about at St. Aloysius Church. And yes, we will serve […]

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