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Welcome to the website of St. Aloysius Parish, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

This website is a means of communication with parishioners and other interested persons and is designed to assist all of us in our efforts to build a strong community of Christian faith, dedicated to the Lord’s service and to the care of our brothers and sisters.

May this website lead us to walk forward together in Christ, until the day of his return in glory!

From the Pastor’s Desk

  • Jesus the Wonder Worker! Miracles are one of the means of God’s revelation of the truths of His Kingdom. Evangelists powerfully present Jesus who performs various miracles. They invite everyone to have strong and deep faith in Jesus. How did Jesus perform all these miracles, such as feeding five thousand, driving out demons, and so on? All the power […]
  • JOB POSTING – Parish Custodian Job Notice: Parish Custodian: St. Aloysius Catholic Church is seeking a full-time custodian.  This individual will be responsible for maintenance and cleaning of the church, hall, and parish office; grounds maintenance,  and walkway snow removal; ensuring the safety and security of Parish grounds; scheduling and supervising 3rd party vendors; and working with the Pastor to […]
  • Seek the Kingdom of God Dear brothers and sisters today’s Readings stress on the importance of the Kingdom of God and demand a personal response on the part of every Christian to God and to his Kingdom. In normal language the Kingdom of God is understood as God’s rule in the heart of every individual. Today’s Gospel presents us with […]
  • Purpose of the Word of God Dear friends: God reveals to us and communicates with us continuously through persons, works and situations. The Word of God comes gently and is never intended to remain suspended like clouds in midair, but to soak the earth and to be drawn back toward God after completing its purpose. The Word of God is eternal, […]
  • Don’t Be Afraid Dear friends: “Do not be afraid.” How good it is for someone who is worried to hear those words from Jesus. Jesus knew we needed to hear those words. “Do not be afraid.” Jesus, who was human as well as divine, knew that some of us need to be reminded again and again not to […]
  • Eucharist Spiritual Nourishment Dear friends: Eucharist means thanksgiving and blessing.  We express our gratitude to God for all the gratuitous gifts God has given us in Jesus, and we offer back to Him gratitude in the form of Bread and Wine. Eucharist means a Blessing.  Blessing actually means prayer of praise and glorification for all the Lord God […]
  • Blessed Trinity Dear friends: Today we celebrate the solemnity of the Holy Trinity In our practice of Christian Life.  The Trinity is remembered often in prayer and during the daily routine by every Christian. Each time we make the sign of the cross we say: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of […]

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Confessions: Tuesdays 6 - 6:45 pm, Saturday 3 - 4:30 pm or by appointment (Modified Schedule).

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JOB POSTING - Parish CustodianTime: 7:00 am – 2:30 pm
Mission Co-op WeekendTime: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
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