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  • Gospel Reflection: Sunday December 15, 2019 Third Sunday of Advent Weekend of Dec 14/15, 2019 From the loneliness of his prison cell John the Baptist asks of Jesus: “Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?” The weeks before Christmas offer much to be joyous about, celebrating with family and friends, the glitter of seasonal […]
  • Gospel Reflection: Sunday December 8, 2019 Second Sunday of Advent Weekend of December 7/8, 2019 In today’s Gospel reading John the Baptist warns his listeners: “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!” The Church’s yearly Advent herald is a call to repentance. The season of Advent urges us to be open to a conversion of heart. Christian stewards heed […]
  • Gospel Reflection: Sunday Dec 1, 2019 First Sunday of Advent Many of us feel the pressure early in the holiday season to be ready for Christmas. But today’s Gospel challenges us to be ready for something other than the gift-giving of Christmas. Read together today’s Gospel reading. As a family, talk about what it means to be ready for the day […]
  • Gospel Reflection November 24, 2019 Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe Weekend of November 23/24, 2019: In today’s Gospel we hear of the rulers who sneered at Jesus, the soldiers who jeered at him, the criminal who reviled him, and the people who just stood by. At our own parish church the cross stands high. Yet, every Sunday […]
  • Gospel Reflection Nov 17: Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of November 16/17, 2019 In today’s Gospel, Jesus suggests that his disciples must be prepared to suffer ridicule, persecution and perhaps even death if they are to follow him. Sometimes we may wonder if enduring ridicule and scorn are what we really signed up for when we received the […]
  • Gospel Reflection: November 10, 2019 Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of November 9/10, 2019: In today’s second reading we hear Saint Paul urging the members of the community at Thessalonica to direct their hearts to God’s love through Christ. He wants them to be laser-focused on Christ, and nothing else. He desires that they be strengthened by the Lord […]
  • Gospel Reflection: November 3rd, 2019 Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time In Jesus’ day, tax collectors were not popular people. They were collaborators with the Romans and were despised by many Jewish people. The tax system allowed them to charge more than what was required so that they could make a profit for themselves. Thus, they were considered sinners by their […]

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