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Welcome to the website of St. Aloysius Parish, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

This website is a means of communication with parishioners and other interested persons and is designed to assist all of us in our efforts to build a strong community of Christian faith, dedicated to the Lord’s service and to the care of our brothers and sisters.

May this website lead us to walk forward together in Christ, until the day of his return in glory!

From the Pastor’s Desk

  • Gospel Reflection: Feb 23rd, 2020 Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of February 22/23 In another passage from his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus continues to turn his disciples’ way of thinking upside down. One of the lessons for the Christian steward in today’s Gospel is that if we have a chance to help someone in need, we should be […]
  • Gospel Reflection: Sunday Feb 16, 2020 Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of February 15/16, 2020   In today’s Gospel, part of his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus does not speak of replacing the law of the Old Testament. He goes beyond it. He obliges his followers to work at being holier than even the strictest of Pharisees. But the work […]
  • Gospel Reflection: Feb 9, 2020 Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of February 8/9, 2020 In this weekend’s readings and psalm, the prevailing theme is that of light: We are the light of the world; our light breaks forth like the dawn; our light shines in the darkness; our light reflects generosity and justice. Good stewards know they are the […]
  • Gospel Reflection: Sunday February 2, 2020 The Presentation of the Lord – Sunday Feb 2, 2020. Today we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. Discuss with the family the persons of Simeon and Anna as they meet Jesus. (Luke 2: 25–40). Because Simeon and Anna lived lives of prayer and fasting in the Temple, they were filled with […]
  • Gospel Reflection: January 26, 2020 Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of January 25/26, 2020 In today’s Gospel Jesus begins his ministry of healing, proclaims the kingdom of God and calls his first disciples, Simon and Andrew, and then the sons of Zebedee, James and John. Those first disciples might have preferred to keep their jobs, remain with their families […]
  • Gospel Reflection; Sunday January 19, 2020 Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: Weekend of January 18/19, 2020 In today’s Gospel, John the Baptist shows us how what we do and say reveals to others what we really believe. He has a clear sense of who he is and who he is not, and by his life’s work he gives testimony to God’s […]
  • Gospel Reflection: Feast of the Baptism of the Lord Weekend of January 12, 2020 Gospel Reflection: Feast of the Baptism of the Lord Weekend of January 11/12, 2020   Saint Matthew’s story of the baptism of Jesus is an appropriate scripture reading to reflect on our own baptism. Jesus’ baptism has been understood as a symbol of his death. Baptism is the sacrament by which we die to an […]

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