A Journey to Holiness

Fr.-JeromeDear friends: The liturgy of the Third Sunday of Lent begins with  acknowledging God’s holiness and His claim on us that we belong to Him. It recognizes the fact that we are His own people, and must live in a way that reflects His holiness. God offers us the gift of faith as our path towards holiness. At the same time, we all want and desire to live a peaceful life in accordance with God’s will. We all want to make sense of our existence. We all desire to live a life where we can make a positive contribution to ourselves, to our families and to those around us. Challenges are always with us, difficulties surround us. However, the more we long for, desire and develop a personal and ultimate relationship with Jesus Christ as our best friend, there is absolutely nothing that we cannot face and overcome. Indeed, we become the “power and the wisdom of God”.


A note on the Lenten Penitential Service: Please make use of the opportunity of doing Confession on March 13th during our Lenten Mission in preparation for Easter. There will be several priests in attendance.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

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