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Apr 5, 2020

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord;

Apr 5, 2020

Palm, or Passion, Sunday begins the most sacred week of the Church year—Holy Week. During these days, we prepare ourselves for Easter by prayerful reflection upon the events of Jesus’ Passion and death. You might display a crucifix in a prominent place this week, as reminder of the salvation Christ won for us. The crucifix can also be the focal point for family prayer during Holy Week.

Families can choose to read a portion of this Sunday’s Gospel each day of Holy Week, providing ample opportunity for children to ask questions and respond to the events described there. In this way, the entire week can become a “way of the cross.”

Each day during Holy Week, the family can gather in a prayerful space with a crucifix as the focal point. The Passion as found in Matthew’s Gospel might be read as follows throughout the week:

Palm Sunday: Matthew 21:1-11 (Gospel at the Procession with Palms)
Monday: Matthew 26:14-25
Tuesday: Matthew 26:26-35
Wednesday: Matthew 26:36-56
Holy Thursday: Matthew 26:57—27:14
Good Friday: Matthew 27:15-54

After reading from the Gospel each night, the family might reflect on the reading together. Conclude your prayer time together by praying the Lord’s Prayer and/or singing an appropriate hymn, such as “Jesus, Jesus,” “Were You There?” or “What Wondrous Love Is This.”

Loyola Press April 5, 2020

Gospel Reflection Mar 29, 2020

Fifth Sunday of Lent Weekend of March 28/29, 2020 Jesus called to his friend from the dead, “Lazarus, come out!” It is the same call our Lord makes to us unceasingly: “Come out!” Jesus calls us from our tomb of doubt and unbelief, from the darkness of our fear and anxieties; from the depths of our weaknesses and lack of hope. Christian stewards pray for an open heart so that they may hear the voice of the Lord, heed the continuous call to come away from their former way of living and reprioritize their lives in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Do we believe Christ has the power to transform our lives? Do we take time to listen for his call? March ICSC E-Bulletin

Gospel Reflection Mar 22, 2020

Fourth Sunday of Lent Weekend of March 21/22, 2020

Saint Paul gives us a wakeup call. As stewards of the light of Christ, we are to reflect that light with the help of the Holy Spirit. If Christ’s work has transformed and illuminated our lives, there should be a change. The light of Christ’s active presence should be at work in us. And as the light shines within us, we take on the properties of that light and we shine too. We are used by God to shine the light of Christ in the lives of others. A challenging Lenten reflection: Is the light of Christ shining in our hearts? Is the light of Christ reflecting out from us to others?

March ICSC E-Bulletin

Gospel Reflection Mar 15

Third Sunday of Lent Weekend of March 14/15.

2020 Jesus’ longest-recorded conversation with anyone is the one he has with the Samaritan woman at the well. She discovers she can be honest with Jesus and goes and tells others about him. She gives witness. She’s not the most certain, thorough or even convincing witness. But her witness is enough. It is inviting, humble, non-judgmental and sincere. What is the quality of our witness? How do our words and actions give daily testimony on behalf of Christ? During this season of Lent, how might we do a better job at proclaiming the risen Lord in word and deed?

ISCS March E-Bulletin.

Gospel Reflection Mar 8, 2020

Second Sunday of Lent

In today’s second reading, Timothy is issued a strong directive: “Bear your share of hardship for the gospel with the strength that comes from God.” For the early Christians this could mean torture and execution. For most Christians today enduring hardship for the Gospel might include accepting ridicule or mockery, or the suggestion that we lack sophistication. Nevertheless, in his letters, Saint Paul is adamant that we should not be ashamed of being followers of Christ. Good stewards are not ashamed of their allegiance to Christ. They do not hide their faith. Reflect on this question: Are you willing to speak about following Christ Jesus no matter who your listeners happen to be?

ICSC March E-Bulletin

Gospel Reflection; Mar 1, 2020

1st Sunday of Lent – Mar 1st, 2020        

Use this Sunday as an opportunity to call your family’s attention to the importance of Scripture in our lives. Gather your family around the family Bible and read today’s Gospel, Matthew 4:1-11. Recall that Jesus rebuked the devil’s temptations by quoting Scripture. Take some time as a family to talk about the words that are found in the Bible and the importance of Scripture to our faith. Perhaps the older members of the family can share a favorite Scripture passage with everyone. Younger family members can tell their favorite story from the Bible and be shown where that story can be found. In each case, encourage a deeper sharing of faith by asking each person to tell why the Scripture passage shared is important to him or her. Conclude your time together by again reading Jesus’ reply to the devil found in Matthew 4:4 (“One does not live by bread alone . . .”) and praying the Lord’s Prayer.

Loyola Press

Gospel Reflection: Feb 23rd, 2020

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of February
In another passage from his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus
continues to turn his disciples’ way of thinking upside down.
One of the lessons for the Christian steward in today’s
Gospel is that if we have a chance to help someone in
need, we should be generous and give more than is
expected of us. Jesus went “the extra mile” for us. Can we
be more like Jesus and “go the extra mile” for others?
ICSC February E-Bulletin

Gospel Reflection: Sunday Feb 16, 2020

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of February 15/16, 2020


In today’s Gospel, part of his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus does not speak of replacing the law of the Old Testament. He goes beyond it. He obliges his followers to work at being holier than even the strictest of Pharisees. But the work is not accomplished by following a religious “law”, it requires growing in love for other human beings. Followers of Jesus know they are required to be good stewards of others. In what way will you exercise good stewardship over other people this week?            

ICSC February E-Bulletin

Gospel Reflection: Feb 9, 2020

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of February 8/9, 2020

In this weekend’s readings and psalm, the prevailing theme is that of light: We are the light of the world; our light breaks forth like the dawn; our light shines in the darkness; our light reflects generosity and justice. Good stewards know they are the lamp, and Christ is the flame that, through them, illuminates the earth. They know that they carry Christ’s light in their hearts, and let it shine through their words and deeds. What are we doing to shine Christ’s light on the hungry, the homeless and others most in need of God’s mercy? How do we exercise good stewardship over the light of Christ that burns within each of us? ICSC E-Bulletin

Ministry to Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilities

St. Aloysius Parish Priests travel to local Long Term Care and Nursing Homes. We have a vibrant group of volunteers who also visit residents weekly at 4 local Nursing Homes as well as St. Mary’s Hospital, Freeport Health Centre and the Grand Valley Institute for Women.

The following Masses take place at local Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilities.

1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month 10:30am – Briarfield Gardens – 1250 Weber St. E. Kitchener


1st Wednesday of the Month at 10:30am Fergus Place Retirement Residence – 164 Fergus Ave, Kitchener


Last Thursday of the Month at 10:00am – Doon Village Retirement Residence- 868 Doon Village Road, Kitchener


Every Sunday at 10:30am – Trinity Village – 2727 Kingsway Dr. Kitchener




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