Baptism of the Lord, presence of the Trinity

Dear friends: The celebration of the Baptism of Jesus, brings to an end the Season of Christmas. The Baptism of Jesus is one event recorded in the gospel when all three persons of the Holy Trinity are present. The voice of the Father is heard proclaiming Jesus as His son, Beloved. Jesus Himself, on being baptized comes up out of the water. The spirit comes down on Him like a dove. This even takes place when we are baptized as babies, or adults. God the Father calls us His beloved children. With Jesus we emerge from the water having died to sin. The Spirit descends on us empowering us with His gifts of grace to continue the mission of Christ. How truly blessed we are. It’s our responsibility to begin to proclaim the message of Christ to all the nations. Let the triune God be our guide.

Fr.  Jerome Mascarenhas

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