Call to Conversion

Dear friends: God’s call is personal. It is an invitation to enter into His holiness with an attitude of faith and total trust in the Divine. We encounter a God who speaks to us and we are called upon to listen to Him and respond to Him. During the Season of Lent, He invites us to convert ourselves and become like Him as He prepared Himself to the mission of His Father. As we now enter the Second Week of Lent, our task is to continue to examine our hearts and change ourselves in order to be worthy of His glorious paschal mystery. God tells us that our thoughts are not like His thoughts and our ways are not akin to those of His choice. As human beings we do not like change and we resist any change as much as we can. However, change is a part of our life and we cannot just depend on our past glory and achievements. We know that we are pilgrims on a journey to a more permanent dwelling place, a place of total union with our God of Truth and Love. The readings of today invite us to reflect on the paradox of our Christian faith that we belong here and we do not belong here. It is in this world and through this world that we are to find our God. That is the goal of living and we need to keep it constantly before our eyes. Whatever we do on earth has its consequence in our life to come. While we are expected to be fully involved in our life here, contributing to the fulfillment of the Kingdom, we are reminded that our final citizenship is in Heaven.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

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