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Gospel Reflection: January 26, 2020

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of January
25/26, 2020
In today’s Gospel Jesus begins his ministry of healing,
proclaims the kingdom of God and calls his first disciples,
Simon and Andrew, and then the sons of Zebedee, James
and John. Those first disciples might have preferred to keep
their jobs, remain with their families and stay with the life
they knew. Remarkably, though, all four of these people,
just as they are, follow after this stranger who interrupts
their daily routine. When they see Jesus and hear his words
to them, they make a different choice. They take a risk, step
out in faith, leave behind that which is comfortable and
secure. They choose to follow Jesus. How far are we willing
to go to leave the comfort and security of the life we know to
follow Jesus?
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Gospel Reflection; Sunday January 19, 2020

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: Weekend of January 18/19, 2020

In today’s Gospel, John the Baptist shows us how what we do and say reveals to others what we really believe. He has a clear sense of who he is and who he is not, and by his life’s work he gives testimony to God’s active presence in people’s lives. He challenges us to examine how our actions reveal our attitudes, testify to our beliefs and show how those beliefs reveal our true selves to others. Good stewards of their faith are aware of the sort of God they reveal to the world by their words and actions. Do our acts witness to a God who takes away that which alienates people from God and each other? Do our actions truly reveal God’s presence in the world today?

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Gospel Reflection: Feast of the Baptism of the Lord Weekend of January 12, 2020

Gospel Reflection: Feast of the Baptism of the Lord Weekend of January 11/12, 2020


Saint Matthew’s story of the baptism of Jesus is an appropriate scripture reading to reflect on our own baptism. Jesus’ baptism has been understood as a symbol of his death. Baptism is the sacrament by which we die to an old life of sin and enter a new life of grace. We “put on Christ.” To be a good steward of one’s baptism means to accept that one has new life in the risen Lord and is willing to be guided by the life of Jesus. As this year begins to unfold, reflect on the meaning of your own baptism, and how you might make an even deeper commitment to a new life in Christ Jesus.

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Gospel Reflection: Sunday January 5, 2020

The Epiphany of the Lord
The visit of the Magi occurs directly before the story of the
Holy Family’s flight into Egypt. Matthew’s Gospel tells a
version of Jesus’ birth that is different than the one in Luke.
Of the actual birth of Jesus, Matthew tells us little more
than, “When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the
days of King Herod… ” The story of the census is found
only in Luke’s Gospel, but we hear about the visit of the
Magi only in Matthew’s Gospel.
We know little about the Magi. They come from the East
and journey to Bethlehem, following an astrological sign, so
we believe them to be astrologers. We assume that there
were three Magi based upon the naming of their three gifts.
The Gospel does not say how many Magi paid homage to
Jesus. In Matthew’s Gospel, they represent the Gentiles’
search for a savior. Because the Magi represent the entire
world, they also represent our search for Jesus.
We have come to consider the gifts they bring as a
foreshadowing of Jesus’ role in salvation. We believe the
meaning of the gifts to be Christological. Gold is presented
as representative of Jesus’ kingship. Frankincense is a
symbol of his divinity because priests burned the substance
in the Temple. Myrrh, which was used to prepare the dead
for burial, is offered in anticipation of Jesus’ death.
The word Epiphany means “manifestation” or “showing
forth.” Historically several moments in Christ’s early life and
ministry have been celebrated as “epiphanies,” including his
birth in Bethlehem, the visit of the Magi, his baptism by
John, and his first miracle at Cana.
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Gospel Reflection: Dec 29, 2019

Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph Weekend
of December 28/29, 2019 In today’s second reading we listen to
one of the most compelling exhortations for Christian living:
“Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of
the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Col
3:17). “Whatever you do”—that means the whole of life is to be
related to Christ Jesus. Everything in life, every activity, can
become an act of glorifying the Lord. Good stewards commit even
their daily routine to Christ: doing everything “in the name of the
Lord.” Perhaps it would be a good idea this week to memorize this
marvelous verse and repeat it to yourself frequently. Make it part
of your morning prayer each day. ICSC Dec E-Bulletin

Gospel Reflection: Dec 22, 2019

Fourth Sunday of Advent Weekend – Dec 21/22, 2019 In today’s
Gospel we hear of the coming of Emmanuel, which means “God is
with us.” We celebrate three Advents: the birth of Christ, his
Second Coming, and his presence in the world today. Our daily
lives are attended by God’s presence. Indeed, “God is with us.”
The Good News of Christ’s Incarnation is that we are the sign, the
“sacrament,” of Christ’s presence in the world. People are
supposed to see us, see how we love one another, see how we
treat the stranger among us, see how we give comfort to the poor
and afflicted, and share the Good News with joy. They see how
good stewards are the light of Christ. And there can be no possible
response except to say: “God is here!”. ICSC Dec E-Bulletin

Gospel Reflection: Sunday December 15, 2019

Third Sunday of Advent Weekend of Dec 14/15, 2019

From the loneliness of his prison cell John the Baptist asks of Jesus: “Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?” The weeks before Christmas offer much to be joyous about, celebrating with family and friends, the glitter of seasonal decorations, the excitement of gift giving and receiving. But in our midst there are the lonely and neglected, the poor, the hospitalized, the wayward, the shut-ins. There are those who feel that they have no hope. To whom should they look? Discipleship in the Lord includes being good stewards of others. Are there those in our family, our neighborhood, our community to whom we can reach out to show them a sign of Christ’s presence in their midst?

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Gospel Reflection: Sunday December 8, 2019

Second Sunday of Advent Weekend of December 7/8, 2019

In today’s Gospel reading John the Baptist warns his listeners: “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!” The Church’s yearly Advent herald is a call to repentance. The season of Advent urges us to be open to a conversion of heart. Christian stewards heed this call daily, and take the need for conversion in their lives seriously. As a family of faith, do we hear this call to conversion amidst the massive holiday spending? The increase in credit card debt? The urge to buy things that are not necessary? The incivility on the roadways during the holidays? Are there patterns in our own lives that need to be converted?

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Gospel Reflection: Sunday Dec 1, 2019

First Sunday of Advent

Many of us feel the pressure early in the holiday season to be ready for Christmas. But today’s Gospel challenges us to be ready for something other than the gift-giving of Christmas.

Read together today’s Gospel reading. As a family, talk about what it means to be ready for the day of the Lord. One of the roles of the family, the domestic church, is to be a school of faith leading one another to salvation. Reflect together as a family on how your family helps one another to be better Christians. Commit to one thing that your family will do this Advent season to help one another be better Christians. You might choose to write this commitment down and post it in a prominent place in your home, perhaps near your family’s Advent wreath.

Pray together that God will help you in this Advent commitment. Pray together the Lord’s Prayer or today’s Psalm.

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Gospel Reflection November 24, 2019

Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe Weekend of November 23/24, 2019:

In today’s Gospel we hear of the rulers who sneered at Jesus, the soldiers who jeered at him, the criminal who reviled him, and the people who just stood by. At our own parish church the cross stands high. Yet, every Sunday there are those who sit in front of it and are not moved by it. There are people who walk right by the cross, unmoved by it. Perhaps they’ve walked by it so many times they no longer give it a second thought. Could it be they are unmoved because the heart of this unbelieving thief is in them? Good stewards walk by the cross, notice it and ask themselves: “All this you did for me, what have I done for you?”.

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