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I Might See Again

Dear friends: Bartimaeus, the blind beggar, teaches us many things. He has deep faith, knows his own poverty, and also knows Jesus’ healing power. He believes that Jesus can restore his sight and bring him back into the light. His persistent prayer led him to receive his sight. How about us? Often we are blinded by pride, prejudice and selfishness. Healing from such weakness begins only when we accept and acknowledge our need. When our prayer becomes persistent, Jesus stops to hear us. That is what we read in the gospel of today. Jesus stopped to see the need of the blind beggar. He asked him “what will you have me do for you?” A strange question, but what else would a blind man ask other than his sight be restored?

There is wisdom in that simple question. Jesus will not do for us what we do not want Him to do. At this moment Jesus asks us all the same question. What do we want Him to do for us?

I might see again   

Fr Jerome Mascarenhas

Lord, make me a servant like you

Dear friends: The disciples asked Jesus to allow them to be seated at the first place. But Jesus said to them, to sit at first place is not mine to grant, but it is reserved for the heavenly Father. In spite of being so close to Jesus, having lived and moved with Him, they had failed to understand Him, to comprehend His teaching to follow His example. This can happen to us too. We have practiced and professed the faith, spent so many hours in prayer, participated in several Masses, received Jesus in Holy Communion, and yet our attitudes, our priorities,  and our choices can be so very different from His. Jesus was Son of God, yet He became servant of all. That is why He said, “I have come to serve and to give life as ransom for many.” Therefore, let us pray that He may make us as His servants.        

Fr Jerome Mascarenhas

Arrival of Fr Venil D’ Souza

Fr Venil D’Souza, OCD was born on 6th March, 1980 as a second child among three sons of Mr. Robert and Delphin D’Souza in Kundapur, Karnataka, India.  Fr Venil joined the Carmelite Order after his 10th grade in 1995. Following four years of seminary training, he made his religious profession in 1999. He graduated with a B. A. in philosophy from the University of Mysore and further he pursued his theological studies at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Mangalore where he obtained a degree in Theology. He was ordained as a priest on 7th May 2008. Post ordination while serving in the novitiate in Kushalnagar, Karnataka he pursued his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resources from Mysore University, Karnataka.

After three years of his service at the novitiate, he was been assigned as the Principal of Mount Carmel CBSE School, Ramnagar and also served as an Assistant Parish Priest in Londa, North Karnataka. In his 6 years of service to the School, as well as to the local communities he achieved success by taking it to great heights and won the hearts of people

Later on, he was assigned as Assistant parish priest at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Shimoga, Karnataka. After rendering his service for a year, the Discalced Carmelites assigned him the Canadian Mission and sent him to St Aloysius Parish Kitchener on 4th October 2018 and he is looking forward to serve with great enthusiasm and zeal.


Made for Ever

Dear friends: the Word of God today addresses a situation which we know and experience at times leaving us with deep wounds and hurts. Marriage has been designed by God, and in His infinite wisdom and power has decreed that man and woman come together in a Covenant of Marriage, a loving, and lifelong relationship only to be separated in death. A man and woman are incomplete in themselves. As a male and female, they complete and complement each other. Man was not made to live in a void of separation and seclusion, but in the warmth of companionship and community. The scripture affirms that what God has joined, let no one separate. We pray that all the men and women who enter into a covenantal relationship find fulfillment and joy in the Lord.

Fr Jerome Mascarenhas

Made for Heaven

Dear friends, talking about hell is not popular. Yet it is necessary because Jesus himself speaks of being thrown in to hell in today’s gospel. The teaching of the church affirms the existence of Hell and its eternity.. This is a strict warning from Jesus not to separate ourselves from God. Hell is eternal separation from God. But it is not God who wishes, but rather we make that bad choice. In fact we were made for God, made for heaven, made to live in His presence for all eternity, made to behold Him.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

The Greatest

Dear friends: Jesus asked His disciples, “what were you discussing on the road?” Perhaps they had understood by now the prophecy of the passion and were preparing themselves as to who would take over the leadership. But Jesus said to them, “if you want to be great, you must become servants of all.” In fact, the disciples were on the road with Jesus. He is the way, the truth and the life. Sadly, while they walked with Him, who was leading them to achieve greater things, they failed to follow His way. Like the disciples, we too often fail in our pursuit of greatness thinking only about popularity, publicity and power.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas


On the weekend of September 29/30, our Provincial Superior, Fr Charles Serrao from India, will be doing his pastoral visitation. He will stay three nights here. We welcome him.

Who is Jesus for me?

Dear friends: Who do you say I am? That is the same question that Jesus asks you and me today. Who is Jesus for me? Is He merely a great leader who served those in need? A wise teacher who taught the path of the beatitudes? A wonder worker who performed great miracles as He healed the sick and even raised the dead back to life? Who is Jesus for me? Here is what the apostles said: Peter, “you are the Christ”; Thomas, “My Lord and My God”; so what is my answer?

Christianity is not merely a set of rules, pious practices, a collection of truth. Christianity is Christ; Christ crucified, nothing more and nothing less. To be Christian means to open my heart to Jesus, to let Jesus enter my life, to let the values of the gospel enter into my being, so that I may follow Him all the way right up to Calvary.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas


God Liberates Us

Dear friends: One of God’s attributes is to liberate people, freeing them from all the fetters that bind them and bonds that hold them away from the divine. The Book of Genesis tells us that God created everything that was good and placed creation at the service of man. He gave freedom to man so that he could make use of all created things and serve Him, the Lord and Creator. He manifested His love to us by offering us a total liberation, which we need to accept with gratitude and a simple heart. He wanted us to manifest this love towards others. He gave us His Son in Jesus, as His gift to us, and who in turn taught us that only through love can we manifest our presence towards others. He came to save us all. He showed His special care towards the poor and the sick and healed them. In today’s Gospel, Jesus heals a man who was deaf and was suffering from speech impediment. Jesus touched him and healed him after which he could hear clearly and speak the good news of the Kingdom to all.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

Pharisaical Attitude

Dear friends: The Pharisees said to Jesus, why do your disciples not follow the traditions of the elders? Jesus replied, referring to Isaiah’s prophesy, these people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. As we know there is a Pharisee in each one of us. We pretend to be what we are not. We like to be politically correct even if we are religiously wrong. We want to observe the Law rather than its spirit. We pay attention to externals and neglect the internal. There is certainly place for ritual in our life, but we need to move from ritual to reality. God wants neither mere lip service nor empty creeds. God sees our hearts where all conversion and cleanliness begin and all evil has its origin. It is not what enters into us from the outside that makes us evil, but rather what comes forth from our heart.                                   

Fr. Jerome

God’s Presence Among Us

Dear friends: On this Sunday, Jesus brings us closer to the true meaning of the Eucharist, the true food. Jesus says He is living food for us, sent from the Father in heaven. Unlike ordinary food, which just sustains bodily life, this food offers a life that is eternal. From the burning bush to the gentle breeze, God has made His presence known among us since the beginning of time. Being among us as food for body and spirit is a significant way of being present. Christ’s Eucharistic presence is in bread and wine, among the commonest elements of food and drink in His day. The Lord is present among us through everyday things.  Bread comes from a process that starts with seeds of wheat mixed with water. These are brought together as dough and, after several stages of development, they end up as a unity which we call bread. Wine begins as a cluster of grapes which, when they are processed, end up as what we call wine. A group of people gather together for prayer, each of them unique. After a process which is the work of God’s Spirit, they become a unity, which we call church, or the Body of Christ. That is the importance of celebrating the Eucharist daily.


Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

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