Change Comes From Within

Dear friends: In our gospel today, Jesus asks us to search as carefully as possible our own faults as we do for the faults of others. When we are aware of our own weaknesses and strive to overcome them, knowing that we also have faults, we are slow to judge and swift to give the benefit of the doubt.

In the second reading, Paul invites Christians to be firm, steadfast, fully devoted to the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord their labour is not in vain. The hard work of the Christian is not a waste because the Christian is “in the Lord” who has already won the victory. In the first reading, the Book of Sirach helps in shaping the faith of the Jewish people and equips them to remain steadfast in their belief.

Dear friends, March 6th we begin the Season of Lent with Ash Wednesday. During Lent, we will have the Stations of the Cross every Friday after the 7:00pm Mass. Our Lenten Penitential Service and retreat will be at the end of March 30/31. I invite you to come and join in these preparatory liturgies for Easter. Our Holy Father Pope Francis’ message for Lent is try to do good to others and that will be the best way to prepare for Easter.


Fr Venil, our associate priest’s birthday falls on Ash Wednesday, but we anticipate a celebration on Monday March 4th after 8.15am Mass in the parish centre, so we can eat sweets and don’t need to worry about fasting. I invite you to come, join us in wishing him many blessings.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

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