Do little things with great Love

Dear friends: God loves a cheerful giver, the one who is willing to part with things without any hesitation. Compassion and cre for others surely prompt our own giving. To give to the other involves sacrifice on the part of the giver. God created this beautiful world and God the creator of all, is responsible for all the blessings we enjoy. Life in this world was given to each of us as an undeserved, free gift. We have different kinds of physical talents, features, and abilities, plus diverse spiritual and intellectual gifts as well. They vary a lot from person to person, but what they all have in common is that they come as free gifts from God who didn’t have to create any of us. God invites us to live a sincere and honest life in accordance with the will of God and share them with others generously.

In the first reading, a prophet offers life to a poor widow and her son. The woman only has to respond in faith and God will take care of her needs. She generously and willingly gave to the prophet what little she had and God blessed her abundantly.

In the second reading, we learn that Jesus offered the one necessary sacrifice to take away sin. He offered Himself once and for all to take away our sins. In the Gospel, Jesus teaches that we must learn to give not only from the surplus, but even from what you have as a necessity to give generously. That is what the poor widow contributes and Jesus rightly appreciates before the people.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

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