Energetic and Enthusiastic!

IMG-20160719-WA0008In the gospel reading of the 5th Sunday in ordinary time, we read about Jesus healing a number of people who suffer from various diseases. As St. Mark records, Jesus did many healings on a single day. What  tremendous energy and enthusiasm Jesus had as a human person! How did He get that energy? Where did He draw that energy from? St. Mark also tells us that Jesus got up before sunrise and spent time in prayer.

All of us are busy one way or the other all throughout the day. We work daily for our livelihood. Most of our lifetime is spent in jobs and earning, which of course provides for the upkeep of family living. We too are filled with such energy and enthusiasm. Wouldn’t it be so nice to spend some peaceful moments in prayer to know and experience the One who gives that spiritual strength and healing?

Rev. Roshan D’Souza, O.C.D.

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