Feast of Ascension

Dear friends: The Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord is a Mystery. Scripture tell us that Jesus left His disciples to go back to the heavenly Father, and promised to return at the end time. He concluded His earthly ministry and with this began the mission of the church. In today’s gospel, the disciples were saying goodbye to Jesus and we heard the intimate moment of farewell between friends. As He prepared to depart from the earth He offered them His parting gift: the gift of understanding so that they were able to know the meaning of the Scriptures. He did promise that they would receive the power of the Holy Spirit. Luke tells us that they returned to Jerusalem with great joy, praising and worshipping God. Now they were transformed into new persons, strengthened with faith and with the hope of the future. The Lord instructed them to be His witnesses from Jerusalem to the ends of the world. The Lord who ascended to heaven asks us to be His witnesses in today’s world. Let us pray to the Lord for the promised Holy Spirit to come upon and empower us. 

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

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