God feeds us with His abundant blessings

Today we begin the ordinary season of the year. Today’s readings tell us about the identity of Jesus, who He is and what His mission is. The readings of today reveal to us that God is generous to His children and He rejoices in them. In the joyful hymn of Isaiah we see how God prepares for His chosen people, the ones who had remained faithful to Him, with good gifts, and most particularly His own presence. Paul, in the second reading, tells us that all gifts come from God but with a purpose, so that we may proclaim His glory in His kingdom. These gifts may be diverse but they all proclaim God’s own glory. The Gospel presents to us the first miracle performed by Jesus at a wedding. A wedding is a time of abundance and celebration. From the food and wine that are served, to the music and dancing that follow, weddings overflow with the goodness of life. At a deeper level, weddings speak about love, compassion and unity. The wedding feast in Cana is a sign of God’s love and compassion. Here Jesus takes care of the family who is about to be pushed into a state of embarrassment. At the same time, He accepts the word of Mary to do a good act and present the family things in abundance. The abundance of the wedding is a taste of what God provides for us at the Eucharistic table.        

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

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