God the Father’s Love

Dear friends: Jesus said, “as the Father has loved me so I have loved you.” How blessed indeed we are to be loved by Jesus. We don’t deserve His love, we can not earn His love, and we can not merit His love. We can only receive it with humble gratitude.  When we feel depressed and discouraged with vice and evil, remember Jesus still loves us. Jesus never stopped loving us. This is the good news that we need to hear when we are feeling low. Jesus not only loves us, but He wants us to remain in His love. He shares with us the secret of remaining in His love. If you keep my commandments you will remain in my love. The commandments are not burdens that break us, but blessings that bind us to Jesus. They unite us to Him; they deepen our bond with Him. Therefore, let us strive to keep God’s commandments with faith and love. As we approach the Feast of the Holy Spirit, let us seek also the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

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