God’s Presence Among Us

Dear friends: On this Sunday, Jesus brings us closer to the true meaning of the Eucharist, the true food. Jesus says He is living food for us, sent from the Father in heaven. Unlike ordinary food, which just sustains bodily life, this food offers a life that is eternal. From the burning bush to the gentle breeze, God has made His presence known among us since the beginning of time. Being among us as food for body and spirit is a significant way of being present. Christ’s Eucharistic presence is in bread and wine, among the commonest elements of food and drink in His day. The Lord is present among us through everyday things.  Bread comes from a process that starts with seeds of wheat mixed with water. These are brought together as dough and, after several stages of development, they end up as a unity which we call bread. Wine begins as a cluster of grapes which, when they are processed, end up as what we call wine. A group of people gather together for prayer, each of them unique. After a process which is the work of God’s Spirit, they become a unity, which we call church, or the Body of Christ. That is the importance of celebrating the Eucharist daily.


Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

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