Gospel Reflection: January 26, 2020

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of January
25/26, 2020
In today’s Gospel Jesus begins his ministry of healing,
proclaims the kingdom of God and calls his first disciples,
Simon and Andrew, and then the sons of Zebedee, James
and John. Those first disciples might have preferred to keep
their jobs, remain with their families and stay with the life
they knew. Remarkably, though, all four of these people,
just as they are, follow after this stranger who interrupts
their daily routine. When they see Jesus and hear his words
to them, they make a different choice. They take a risk, step
out in faith, leave behind that which is comfortable and
secure. They choose to follow Jesus. How far are we willing
to go to leave the comfort and security of the life we know to
follow Jesus?
ICSC January E-Bulletin

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