Gospel Reflection Sun July 12, 2020

GToday’s Gospel reminds us that in order for God’s Word to take root in us and produce abundant fruit, we must endeavor to be like good soil. Families, in particular, hold the responsibility for “preparing the soil” so that the seeds of God’s Word can grow strong. There are many ways in which families do this—family traditions in which faith is celebrated, prayer and reading of Scripture, and instruction on the faith. In these ways, parents fulfill the promises they made at their child’s Baptism.

Gather together as a family and reflect together on the Sacrament of Baptism. Tell the story of the Baptism of each child, showing any pictures that were taken. If you have your child’s Baptism candle or gown, share these as well. Recall together that one of the promises that parents make at their child’s Baptism is to bring them up in the practice of our faith. Talk together about the importance of this promise to your family. Then read together today’s Gospel, Matthew 13:1-23. Reflect together on the ways in which your family practices your faith (daily prayer, Mass attendance, religious instruction, etc.). Remind one another that we do these things as a family so that God’s Word can take root in our lives and produce abundant fruit. Conclude in prayer together by praying today’s Psalm, Psalm 65.

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