I Am the Good Shepherd

Dear friends: Today we celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday, and this is the second I Am statement of Jesus recorded by St.John. Jesus is not only a shepherd, He is the Good Shepherd. The shepherd provides for his sheep. He leads his flock to green pastures and along flowing streams. He protects his sheep from harm and danger. He knows his sheep. He pursues the sheep that go astray, till he finds it and brings it home, joyfully carrying it on his shoulders. How blessed indeed we are to have a shepherd in Jesus. He provides for us by feeding us with His word. His word nourishes us and satisfies the thirst of our soul. His word guides and enlightens our path lest we lose the way. When we go astray He does not abandon us but seeks us out, and on finding us He rejoices and brings us back.

The good shepherd does not only provide for his sheep, he protects them from harm and danger. Unlike the hireling who runs away as soon as he sights danger, the good shepherd gives his life for his sheep. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who has laid down His life for us. To save us from sin and death, He died on the cross at Calvary. At every Mass we commemorate and celebrate His death, the supreme sacrifice of His love.  

Fr. Jerome

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