I Might See Again

Dear friends: Bartimaeus, the blind beggar, teaches us many things. He has deep faith, knows his own poverty, and also knows Jesus’ healing power. He believes that Jesus can restore his sight and bring him back into the light. His persistent prayer led him to receive his sight. How about us? Often we are blinded by pride, prejudice and selfishness. Healing from such weakness begins only when we accept and acknowledge our need. When our prayer becomes persistent, Jesus stops to hear us. That is what we read in the gospel of today. Jesus stopped to see the need of the blind beggar. He asked him “what will you have me do for you?” A strange question, but what else would a blind man ask other than his sight be restored?

There is wisdom in that simple question. Jesus will not do for us what we do not want Him to do. At this moment Jesus asks us all the same question. What do we want Him to do for us?

I might see again   

Fr Jerome Mascarenhas

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