Jesus is our Shepherd

Dear friends: The Holy Bible constantly reminds us of the loving, unbroken care of God towards human persons. He created everything for man and for his well-being. He sent His messengers constantly to look after His people. The image of God as the shepherd of His people has a long tradition in the history of God’s people. This image of the shepherd which appears several times in the New Testament shows us the care and concern of God in Jesus. We have the popular images of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, carrying a sheep over His shoulders. A shepherd generally walked ahead of the sheep seeking out a safe path taking them to the pastures, water and shelter. In the Gospel of today, Jesus takes pity on the people and feels that they are like the sheep without a Shepherd, indicating their helplessness. Therefore, He invites us to leave the relentless wheel of routine, busy schedule and find time to come, rest in Him. Often we say I am busy, I’m tired, feel like no energy.  Jesus has an answer for this. He invites us to come to unload all our burdens to Him.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

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