Looking forward with repentance

Dear friends: In this Season of Lent, we prepare for the feast of Easter by trying to purify our body and spirit, in order to abundantly receive the fruits of the Redemption of the Lord. Today the church invites us to reflect on the urgency of repentance in an attempt to enhance our Christian lives. For us Christians, Lent is a time for serious, disciplined self-examination, a time spent in intensive prayer and repentance before the cross of Calvary. God personally calls each one of us to return to Him with all our hearts, with fasting, prayer and total surrender to him.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

Congratulations – Around 70 young people received the Sacrament of Confirmation on Wednesday. Congratulations.

We thank Bishop Crosby for invoking the gifts of the Holy Spirit on them. Thanks to all the principals from our schools, grade 7 teachers, parents, sponsors, volunteers who helped us to prepare children and organize the celebration, choir members, Altar servers and ushers.              The Pastor

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