Lord, make me a servant like you

Dear friends: The disciples asked Jesus to allow them to be seated at the first place. But Jesus said to them, to sit at first place is not mine to grant, but it is reserved for the heavenly Father. In spite of being so close to Jesus, having lived and moved with Him, they had failed to understand Him, to comprehend His teaching to follow His example. This can happen to us too. We have practiced and professed the faith, spent so many hours in prayer, participated in several Masses, received Jesus in Holy Communion, and yet our attitudes, our priorities,  and our choices can be so very different from His. Jesus was Son of God, yet He became servant of all. That is why He said, “I have come to serve and to give life as ransom for many.” Therefore, let us pray that He may make us as His servants.        

Fr Jerome Mascarenhas

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