Making Use of Our Talents

Fr.-JeromeDear friends: Today in our liturgy, we are reminded not just of the end of the liturgical year, but of the end of all things and the preparations we need to make. The Bible tells us that we are all created in the image and likeness of God and He has placed on us multiple gifts and blessings. He expects us to utilize these blessing for His kingdom, and for His people, and also develop the talents He has given us. He wants us diligent and watchful for the coming of the Lord who will take into account all that we have done. The Gospel of St. Matthew focuses more sharply on the Christian attitude towards earthly life as we live in expectation of the Master’s return. The implicit responsibility of each servant is to work and to multiply the talents entrusted to him. It is not enough just to preserve what one has been given. The Master expects results from the person who has been given special talents. The time is up; therefore, let us try to use our talents for the good of all.

Fr. Jerome                           


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