Meaning of The Kingdom of God

Dear friends: Jesus teaches us that the kingdom of God is like a seed that the farmer sows. He scatters the seed and goes away. It silently, slowly grows. The first lesson for us is that we must do the sowing but we can’t do everything. Having done what we can, we must leave the rest to God’s hand. Night and day, even without our knowing, that seed sprouts, shoots and grows. We sow but it is God who gives the growth. Therefore, let us try to sow the Word of God.  Secondly, the lesson that we learn is the hiddenness and smallness of quiet beginnings. The mustard seed at the time of sowing is the smallest of seeds, but when it grows it becomes the biggest shrub of all. Great things always begin in a small, hidden and quiet way; they are not spectacular but silent, so let us not to worry about its size. The third lesson we learn from today’s parables is that the seed that grows into trees with branches bearing fruit, providing shelter, are all meant for others. A tree never offers shade for itself, neither are its fruits consumed by the tree. They are meant to be removed and eaten by others. Therefore, they never expect anything in return but everything is for the glory of God.


Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas


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