Legion of Mary

Did you know? The Legion of Mary meets every Thursday at 8:45 am at St. Aloysius Parish in the Marian Room.

What is it?  It is one of the largest apostolic organizations in the world.  Its leader and protectress is Mary, the Immaculate Mother of Jesus.  It operates under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and its object is the personal sanctification of its members through prayer and active participation in the Church’s work of bringing Christ to all people.

Who May Join?  All practicing Catholics – men, women – married or single.

What does an active Legionary do?

• Attend a group meeting each week
• Spends at least two hours on active work each week with another Legionary
• Say a short prayer each day
• You may, in your generosity do more – many Legionaries do.
What are the advantages of active membership?
• The assurance that one is putting forth their best effort to develop their spiritual life
• The satisfaction of knowing that one is furthering the cause of Christ and His Blessed Mother.
How do I find out more?
Call:  Ruth Ann: 519-894-1834 or Connie: 519-893-1824

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