New Commandment

Dear friends: During the Easter season the liturgy brings us closer to the resurrected Jesus and makes us realize that we are always united to him and he is united to us. The theme that dominates the readings of today is love and service. Jesus told his disciples to love one another as he himself had loved them. He showed the type of love they ought to have: he served them and washed their feet during the final meal. During the Last Supper he told them that there is no greater love than one giving his life for his friends and he gave his life for all, calling them his friends. He also defined for us the meaning of God’s love which is sacrificing and self-emptying love. God emptied himself and gave his only son for our sake that we may have life in him.

Fr Jerome Mascarenhas


Capital Campaign

I have a set up a meeting on Wednesday, May 29th at 7:00pm with the Steier group manager Bob McDonald to set the stage before I leave the parish to kick off the capital campaign in September 2019. I have a few who have accepted to be on the committee to volunteer to launch this initiative. If anyone who would be willing to help, call me at 519 893 1220. I appreciate and thank those who have committed to this important cause.          

Fr. Jerome




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