Palm Sunday

Dear friends: With this Sunday we begin Holy Week. Palm Sunday records the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the place where He would suffer and be condemned to death. It was the practice for kings after victory to enter the city on horseback. Jesus instead enters on the colt of a donkey. Does this not say something to our heart? He enters the city knowing full well that the road to Jerusalem was the road to defeat and death. But, was it really defeat and death? Only apparently, for by His apparent defeat and death, Jesus would conquer sin and death and free us from that bondage. Let us, in a spirit of deep faith and prayer, enter into this week remembering that Jesus went through it all, like a lamb led to the slaughter, not opening His mouth, suffering, surrendering and sacrificing Himself for you and me. As we enter this Holy week, I invite you to gather with the community to celebrate Christ’s passion, death and Resurrection.  

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas

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