Preparing for the Coming of the Lord

Fr.-JeromeDear friends: Today we begin the Season of Advent. Advent means waiting or coming, and we wait for the coming of someone we love. During this season we focus on waiting for the Lord, waiting for the coming of Jesus. We have the three fold waiting. We know that Jesus has already come in history, and we remember that during the week before Christmas our waiting changes to waiting for our celebration of the birth of Jesus. We also wait for His final coming at the end times when He will take all to Himself. We also experience His daily coming into our life through the Eucharist, Word of God, and also in the various persons and events of life. In our daily routine of life we wait for something to take place, maybe we wait for a friend, for a bus or train, and there is the eagerness within us that makes us look forward to something new that will take place. During Advent we look forward to Jesus who will come in a total gesture of love: God becomes man. In order to receive our LORD with great Joy and Peace we need a good preparation which includes confession, reading the Word of God, and of course participating in the Eucharist. So, I encourage you to follow these steps faithfully.

Preauthorized giving forms

We are in the second week of receiving pre-authorized giving forms. As of today we have 21 people signed up, Looking forward your support. God bless!

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas


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