Where are you?

Dear friends: God called to the man, “Where are you?” What a contrast in responses and reactions as we read in the first reading. After their fall, Adam and Eve hide themselves. God, on the other hand, seeks them out. This is not just the story of our first parents but our personal story too. Every time we fall into sin we hide from God. We break the bond that binds us to Him. We also break the bond between ourselves and others. Sin is deception. Satan gets the better of us by making evil appear as good. He entices us with false promises as he did to Adam and Eve telling them that their eyes would be opened and they would be like God. Once we have fallen he then taunts us. Adam and Eve had their eyes opened only to behold their nakedness. God never tires of seeking us out. It is He who takes the first step at reconciliation. We may be tired of seeking forgiveness but God is never tired of granting it. That is why He is asking us ‘where are you?’

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas


Church Picnic – As I was told by our Retreat Master last week, one of the best ways to Evangelize is to provide us the opportunity to invite someone to church events- such as the parish picnic. Here is an opportunity for us to do so and I encourage you to bring a friend to our church picnic on Sunday June 24th.

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