Who is Jesus for me?

Dear friends: Who do you say I am? That is the same question that Jesus asks you and me today. Who is Jesus for me? Is He merely a great leader who served those in need? A wise teacher who taught the path of the beatitudes? A wonder worker who performed great miracles as He healed the sick and even raised the dead back to life? Who is Jesus for me? Here is what the apostles said: Peter, “you are the Christ”; Thomas, “My Lord and My God”; so what is my answer?

Christianity is not merely a set of rules, pious practices, a collection of truth. Christianity is Christ; Christ crucified, nothing more and nothing less. To be Christian means to open my heart to Jesus, to let Jesus enter my life, to let the values of the gospel enter into my being, so that I may follow Him all the way right up to Calvary.

Fr. Jerome Mascarenhas


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